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for betrayal

3/7/2002 c1 Depressed Drama
Hey twin! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! yeah ... yesterday it ended. I'm sad. I liked him SOOOOO MUCH! I don't know what to do .. I mean I already have boys tryin to make plans with me but I just .. I like Scott so much .. *sigh* seriously .. what am I gonna do? I need you to help me through this twin! Should I try to get bakc together with him? I just dunno .. it's like I can't imagine life without him ... :(
1/30/2002 c1 am i dumb
whitney! argh! I don't know what to do because this is what I've always wanted but I know I'll get hurt in the end ... *sigh* I need to be smacked. Seriously. Just beat me everytime I talk abotu him ok? Yeah so I guess we're hooked up now, but who knows how long that's gonna last? Last time this happened he had a girlfriend a week later ... and it wasn't me. So I used someone else and now I feel horrible about it. Yes, I'm talking about mohammed. I think I still like him because everytime I see him I feel like I want to go be with him ... ;( Life sucks you know? Even now, that I finally have what I want, I'm still unhappy. Is it posible to ever be truly happy? I don't think so.
11/21/2001 c1 Scott Likes Ho's
hey whitney. Just read this again .. god it's so true. I can't believe I ever even liked him *sigh* but I'm getting over him! I really am! I think I like someone else now ... :) Me and Scott don't talk anymore though because he .. is gay I guess :) oh well ... all for the better ..

I'll just take all his weed and smoke it ... lol just kidding. Ok I love you twin Ima call u tonight and maybe we can hang out! I'll prolly review this again laters ... ~*Twin*~
11/11/2001 c1 13BerthaCow
whitney ... i was pissed when i first read this and got mad at you but i see the truth now ... u were right. He's much better as a friend .. hopefully he will stay that way b/c I don't think I can have him toying with my heart anymore .. ever since I met him I've been having shitty days repeatedly .. I wish he would just go marry his stupid fiance or at least go out with her again so I don't have to listen to him bitch about it b/c it rips my heart in two ... ok well I'm done .. I think I'll go think about how I was completely betrayed ... I love you twin

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