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10/24/2002 c1 Pan9
HI HI! Ok, so I reviewed it already, but I just re-read it and I LOVE it! ^_^ Great work, even if you think it's crap, so :P You're WRONG!

Ja ne

8/7/2002 c1 winter's requiem
I thought I'd check this out when you mentioned this certain piece of yours this morning (well, for you, last night). Definitely angsty, and very good. Such a nice blend of the dark, suicidal theme with the surreal reality of science fiction. (Don't ask me what that was suppose to mean ;) ). I hope you'll get better soon, and continue to write!
11/20/2001 c1 Pan
Hey! Come on! I'm not *that* bad... heh heh heh... although blood is quite nice ^_^ I mean.. uhhh.. hi mother... heh heh heh... gotta go! :: runs away ::

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