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for It Could Happen To You

3/24/2004 c1 76Cobster
Great-I can almost hear the tune...
I always wish I could just listen to the music whenever I read a song on here, it's so much better and it really lets me step inside the writer's soul and mind...it feels so deep like that.
This is one of the better songs I've read, too. The message is something I can really relate to and it's also very clean cut. You don't make a mess of the words as you rhyme them.
Overall a very good job. Love this song. Favorites list material.
12/26/2003 c1 A girl thats as scary as hell
It was moving. The points you made were subtle yet strong.
9/6/2003 c1 FamousOneLiners too lazy too log in
great stuff, i can imagine a beat in my head, and the words ring true
5/30/2003 c1 PunkGretchen
Sweetness. This is really good. If you haven't yet you should consider sending this to the Brian Deneke web site. Keep up the amazing work!


PS Thanks for reading and signing my story!
5/25/2003 c1 1aleppine
Nice name, and I don't know what the story behind it is (except that someone died), but it's a great piece of writing anyway. The informality of it works quite well. I liked the lines

'This isn't my war I'm fighting

It's been yours, and that's what frightning'

(great rhythm in that couplet)


'In a few minutes you're gonna let me go.'

Really great song. I'd like to imagine that there was an acoustic/light moment in this as a piece of music, though I could hear it as a heavier song in my head.
5/8/2003 c1 16Voodoo Fyrefly
great name, by the way XD

now, onto the song. Like the way you've handled the story, the chorus is pretty anthemic. and the message in it...i like

12/15/2002 c1 37wingless
good rythm

powerful lyrics

you're a great writer
11/5/2002 c1 Wrong Name Tag
Nicely written... would be very cool to hear... Awesome job

11/1/2002 c1 9Bienfoy
man this song absolutly rules!the kinda thing that'd go no.1 in about two seconds, you've got real talent!
1/27/2002 c1 35shana
cool song. so true. a mi me gusta
1/15/2002 c1 Sarah
Beautiful. I love it. I'd like to hear that put to music. His death was such a tragedy...
12/26/2001 c1 2QuinnyBarton
I adore this song! It's so awesome! We've gotta put it to music. It'll be on our first CD!
10/11/2001 c1 Rigil Paix
*shine* Interesting take on the issue. *shine* I rather liked it. *shine*
10/7/2001 c1 Shinitenshi01
go christine! me likes it alot!
10/7/2001 c1 cardboard tom
I hate humanity. This is so true, and you are so right. That poor guy. Good song.
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