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for Clockwork

8/1/2002 c1 1charmedpen
Um...very well written! A strange thing to write about, but you wrote it well, espically the last line. And thanks for reviewing my story-I'll change the whole paragraph thing-promise!
10/24/2001 c1 NightlySpooner
The one he selected was a light shade of grey Oooh, I love playing with shades of grey, don't you? Fun fun fun! Also, I like play chests. They bownce! Wuuhuu!
10/8/2001 c1 68Neko-chan1
Eh...*blinks*...I like! It kinda sounds like my story, A Chat With Death. Stupid, I know...but I REALLY like this story! Keep up the great work!
10/6/2001 c1 InfiniteTenshi
that was creepy, but it was well written. keep up with your writing.


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