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8/12/2005 c13 4Antiguo
cool, just awesome, really good thats all
1/16/2003 c2 Cee
"as much use as a chocolate frying pan"

Contrary to popular opinion - these would serve some sort of entertainment -and thus may be useful :P

1/16/2003 c1 Cee
Nice one Braggy. I'm going to go and read the rest - but i just thought i'd review this chapter. it's cool - i like it.


3/25/2002 c13 3Ariana Deralte
Interesting. This sounds painfully like my own uni...wonder why...
1/3/2002 c13 WolfieGrl
12/14/2001 c1 93Sidhe
interesting perspective...hope to see more of this later, i like where it's going! -Sidhe
12/11/2001 c3 9Thomas Paxton
This is pretty funny!
12/5/2001 c9 shaniqu
Wow ,this still sounds so realistic! I love the way you go into detail and describe things. I like the lapses into irrelevance, you really do portray a good picture of somebody's life
11/19/2001 c7 Special K
You're late! There are people out here in the world that NEED the updates to your supposed "story". Of course i'm not one of them but there are people! Just think of them and all the harm that you are doing by denying them the one chance to look at college life through your eyes. Not out of the eyes of some 50 year old parent. Just imagine them shriveling up right before the computer becuase there isn't another chapter. And it's all you're fault; you are the one that's been feeding them this humor and excape from normal, average, boring life. You are cruel and inhuman if you continue to deny us this one true comic relief in our boring and humdrum lives! Just remeber all those innocent people dying becuase of you and write more about your "story" and if you don't we will come after you. We will go to all the Universities in the world and track you down. Just think, hoards of people wanting your blood...wait, that would be totally pointless, if we had your blood you wouldn't be able to write more! so... we will simply hunt you down and commence to tie you to your chair and then force you to write even if there is nothing to write. You had better look out...
11/9/2001 c7 etak
Is there anymore? This was great! Funny! Great job! Neato!
11/9/2001 c6 etak
eek! Procrastination strikes again! I like the library thing, that's hilarious! Invisible shelf on the secret fourth floor...hehe.. It all sounds hectic and pressuring... good luck... (unless this isn't real, but it seems like it. very humorous)
11/9/2001 c4 etak
wow! (Uzbeckistan is real! Even though I don't know how to spell it, hehe) This is silly. I can't believe the fire alarm goes off so much. You'd think they'd fix it... And, jeez! You might as well just go back to kindergarten if the teachers are teaching you like that! Who doesn't know their vowels? For god's sake, they have a cereal for that! Anyways, this is cool. I'm enjoying it.
11/9/2001 c3 etak
Wow, this is really interesting. I'm still in high school(which is boring, but you already know that) and this seems informative, even though it's probably not exactly the same everywhere. But close right? College/University life... It's also funny, I enjoyed reading it!
11/1/2001 c6 Shaniqu
This is great ,so realistic and true it's hard to beleive this isn't based on real life
10/24/2001 c4 shaniqu
this seems very realistic - are you sure it's not based on real life? great and interesting story though, do carry on
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