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for My Angel's Wings

12/14/2003 c3 6Lucille M. Pocket
Whoa...that was really good...you should learn to play an instrument because you'd be a good song writer! seriously i reall liked that!
2/4/2003 c1 3Daqueus
wow, that is absoloutely beautiful.

I've just re-found fanfiction.net after a long absence, and put up something, and found you had put up a review for one of my stories, Evergreen, so i decided to repay the favour. And I was right.

Absolutely wonderful. Keep it up
10/10/2001 c1 31Jasmine FoxFlame
To AngeL, I was going to email you, but you haven't got an addy available, so, I'll write it here, in hopes you'll come back. This is actually only the first verse, so you were correct in summizing that there was more, read on, and I'm sure you'll be satisified with the next two verses. Hope so, J -X-

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