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for Beloved Dogs

3/13/2003 c1 72CancerianQueen
Ace and Claudia? Good haiku's! Sweet as!

Vnomi. ;)
11/15/2002 c1 ArtemisMoon1
Those were very good, and it was so cute that you did them about your dogs. The poor things. I know how it feels to lose pets since I lost two of my cats. But no matter how long its been, you still miss them. You did a great job with these! Not that I read many haiku's, LOL...
1/15/2002 c1 17The Haiku Police
We guess the dead ones are Bob and Bubba-Bo-Bob-Buck
11/10/2001 c1 43dewinged
I love dogs... lemme guess... ace and claudia?

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