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for Shadows Conquered

10/24/2002 c1 Corinne
Wow! This is really interesting. I like how you combined characters from different mythologies. Are you planning on writing more? I hope so!
10/9/2002 c1 Grecophile - too lazy to long in
This story is lovely, very well written. But then, all your stories are. Mythology is fascinating and I like the way you present your own. (Shiva is supposed to be Siva, however :))

You move me to tears.
12/8/2001 c1 vbvbvb
This is soooo good! Please say you are going to write a sequel! Pretty please ^_^
12/7/2001 c1 Nivella
Buwahahahahahaha! I am here to review again! Heh :) Excellent... Well, I always liked this story, I found is quite good, and I think it deserves a sequel, chalk FULL of Yaoi! YATTA! Everyone loves Yaoi ne? Well...I do... Maaa, maaa, you need to type up your Schwarz fic! Heh...with me in it^^ And then you gotta write up a Gravi fic...and then...something else^^

wai wai! *glomps you* I like your stories so WRITE MORE DAMN IT! Thank you! :D

*smoochies and cookies* ~.^

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