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for Who Would Stay and Who Would Go?

12/16/2005 c1 I'm Not On This Site
Great poem. It's got real depth and substance. This reminds me of a wake-up call I had a few months back. It is hard to know who's your true friend, until you really need them.
6/29/2004 c1 9Wanderlustmaverick
very good i love the reflective mood and tone
11/28/2003 c1 37the insane floo pot
Hey there, ohh before I start, thankyou soo much for reviewing my poems, and the homonym tip... duely noted! Anyway that's enough of me, lets tlak about you and your incredible poem! Well, where to start... OMG, everything about this poem is jsut amazing! You've got such an original style of writing and putting across of ideas and thuoghts that it really does make the reader stop and think about what you're writing!
I love at what you're trying to say, and you're right, it really is a reflective poem! No, now I'm going to sit here and ponder for ages now, lol, okay so it's necessarily a bad thing, but do you ever think about things so much you can't stop and you start to give yourself a headache? (Or is it just me!)
"If the truth they come to know Who would stay and who would go?" Hmm... if we really stopped to think, the answers wouldn't bear thinking about! And another thing, you're use of rhyme is outstanding, it flows rather being just a bunch of forced words being put together to get the poem to rhyme! Yep, this poem just ozes amazingness! Well, must be off until next time... See ya! oh and thanks again for reviewing me!
2/7/2002 c1 10Savagetitania
I liked it a lot...nice style!
2/1/2002 c1 layne
WOW, I LOVE your writing. I know I'll keep saying that when I review each of your pieces, but I'm serious, I really love the way you write. This poem in particular holds a special place in my heart because I always pondered about the things you discussed in your poem.
1/20/2002 c1 4tropicalfrost86
whoa, that's really good. i liked it a lot.

you should write more = D
1/3/2002 c1 1Elij
So true! Well written, well said.
12/12/2001 c1 2quackingduk
Very true. I, personally won't keep any friends that I can't trust. I think that this is a great poem. keep it up. oh, and thanx for reviewing mine.
12/11/2001 c1 12dujourfan1
wow...you know that really makes you think...hmmm...i like it keep it up :0)
11/12/2001 c1 Aphrodite322
Wow...you have no idea how many times I've wondered this question myself! I'm in the middle of trying to tell people things about myself and I find myself stopping just out of uncertainty...Wow! That's about what I think.
11/10/2001 c1 10jessiCA3
aaamen! very good message. i know i have some friends that would go. i dun't know many that would stay. sad stuff, i know. but i liked your poem - you do good rhymes.*
11/10/2001 c1 14Kuri
It's a hard question... and I don't have the answer, but great job expressing it!

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