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for Seasons

7/6/2004 c1 CeruleanHeart
This poem was very profound and made me ponder for several moments afterwards. However, there were a few spelling/grammar errors that I think you should consider revising. In the first stanza, fifth line, shouldn't "sum" be "sun?" And in the second stanza, fifth line, I think that "out" should be "our." Finally, in the first and sixth lines of the same stanza, "i" should be capitalized, unless you have it lowercase for a reason. The images of the seasons are very vivid indeed. I especially like the way you worded the third line; it is extremely excellent! The alliteration in the fifth line is highly enjoyable and personifying the sun is very effective. In most poems you hear of winter being depressing and morbid, and it does get a little old. But the unique way you describe the stereotype, it doesn't bore me. In fact, it has me awed (line 10 especially). Keep on writing!
6/10/2003 c1 1Aralain1
Yet again another poem that I have read, of yours that is beautiful. You don't seem to have a flaw in you writing at all.
11/11/2001 c1 Your fallen angel
Ay, read the other review i put in. I think it will make things a bit mroe clearer
11/10/2001 c1 NightsDawne
Beautiful imagery. You're poetry is beautiful and emotionally touching. Keep it up.

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