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4/12/2006 c1 136GirlxAnachronism
I personally liked this alot. I use to suffer surverly from the eveil game that is self injury. And i can tell you it is so hard to get out of that state of mind. More people really need to be aware of this topic beacuse people tend to be afraid of what they understand. With self injury it's even harder because half time the time the person who is injurying themselves dont understand. props for doing such a contrversal issue
11/27/2005 c1 3DaliDahmer
your my fucking hero for writing this! thank you your awsome! I've been telling people this for ages! Not as well spoken if I didn't sound like such a dumb ass while trying to get the same point across maybe I would of been listened to! But anyway well said your cool!
10/5/2005 c1 kay
thank you ... that's all I have to say -k
9/25/2005 c1 me
holy shit that was good

i totally agree with that

well actually there is one thing i sort of disagree with

there is a minor danger in cutting, which is that is creates an even more negative image of themselves, and then could lead to suicide

but besides that i totally agree
5/23/2005 c1 3dark-hikari
Great story. However... I have to disagree with your statement that cutting hurts only the cutters. I am a cutter, and I've seen the pain on friend's faces when they found out, despite my efforts to hide.
2/21/2005 c1 2hiddenxscars
So very, very true. (From both a cutter's standpoint and a friend's standpoint.) I'm doing a research paper for school on this, so I was just browsing others. Very well written. Yours is more informal than mine will be, but that's the rule. .

Anyways, I applaud this piece. If you know any good sources or materials on SI and research, I would be much obliged to get a list. Thanks.
1/15/2005 c1 dark
i'm a cutter and i share your veiwsthey sent me to the psych ward for it. and then they were repremanding me for doing it...told me i was suicidal...but i was just cutting to make it all fade away

feel free to e-mail me any time.
11/24/2004 c1 3LittleMissMorbid
*appaluds* Bravo! Thank you for speaking out for cutters such as myself, and teaching people what it really is!
9/8/2004 c1 2D.M. Jackson
I completely agree with you on this issue. I am a cutter and the only reason I'm telling you this is because of your essay. I've only told now a total of four people. One friend knows my boyfriend caught me so I spilled and another author who wrote a story about it and you because the story and this essay touched me. Sometimes I'll be writing a journal in class free-write and I'll accidentaly hint at it or writing poems you can tell they have a double meaning. I am starting to get scared I'm slipping up more and more and cutting less? is this good. Should I just tell someone and hope to god they dont take me to the wacky house? I don't know anymore... tell me what you think.. my email is thanks a bunch...Fate
5/11/2004 c1 XxintoXpiecesxX
Hmm, this was written a few years ago, so maybe that plays a part in it but your views are a little bit warped on self-mutilation. Don't get me wrong, for the most part this is a nice essay, but you seem to make the illness seem like a simple idea. It's almost as though your saying 'hey, cut your wrist, it's an awesome way to deal with pain.' That truth is self-mutilation is very harmful, and is a sign of serious mental illness.
1/8/2004 c1 2Lady Sunlight
Finally a good essay on this site!
7/23/2003 c1 Goddess-Xia
Myself, being a cutter, have had to deal with these problems constantly. My parents want me to see a psychiatrist, while my friends that know think I'm endangering my life all the time. Others that have found out think I'm doing it for attention, which I'm not. Good job on writing this one.
2/13/2003 c1 rizzo
i have a friend who cuts her wrists, and this really. connected with me. i hope your giving me a few of the reasons why she does this to herself will help me to help her. on that note, if you know any ways for me to help her carry all her pain, please drop me an e-mail. heck drop me one anyway.

thank you for writing this.
9/14/2002 c1 13The Shellback
Would have been perfect if you hadn't mentioned you as a person, representing the masses are willing to give help when I am positive that you wouldn't. Nor are the masses. You'd help your friend, of course. But you'd turn a blind eye to anyone else wouldn't you? Society is like that, only they just close both eyes cover their collective ears. Smoking creates income for society, smoking creates income for society, cutting lessens that income because there are less users of cigarettes and alcohole. Personally I don't think you did that well in explaining cutting. I cut, I don't consider myself addicted but I know that it feels good. Anything that doesn't generate profit is shunned.
3/12/2002 c1 oohhhdizzy
aahh that was gr8 i will make my best friend(who knows about my cutting) read that, you made some really importent points there its so true what do people see is so bad? thank you man, i really needed to hear that!and i think alot of other people do to make a website lol.
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