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1/17/2003 c4 3Smack
more reviews from smack! i like the last one. i think it's sort of funny...i have a twisted sense of humor. anyway, they're all really good.
1/17/2003 c2 Smack
i like the first one and the last one on this page. (i didn't readthe second one because it said "george" and i know a geroge and i don't like him. nothing personal, tho). you're really good at writing poems. i wrote a poem once...well...i'll just leave it at that.
10/9/2002 c5 40GLow
this is really good!
7/30/2002 c5 monkey girl15
hey! i like these poems/songs. They are sooo cool! write some more!
6/4/2002 c2 9Ice Wolf17
Awesome! Brilliant collection! I'd say not only are you a good writer, but a master at writing poems! Really powerful stuff you wrote. Keep on writing!
4/10/2002 c1 Archeo
That was beautiful...please write more!

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