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for Two Faces of Ruthlessness

1/16/2011 c1 1thescribekitten
Great imagery. Gory, but not too gory (:
11/10/2002 c1 38Thetis
The imagery was impeccable, it didn't falter once. The way you captured the surroundings and atmosphere was very intense, especially when the background story opened up to reveal the past. Brought extra tension and fear in the eyes of Leo, wonderful work. I'm a very big fan imagery in stories and poetry alike and this short story brought it all out.
11/18/2001 c1 Raberba girl
Kinda gory...though it's what he (Leo, I guess) deserved... I really don't know what to say; in a way it was kind of pointless, but for what you presented it was very well done. I like how you made the reader feel sorry for Leo at the beginning of the story, then opened up the background and made the reader totally change their perspective. Very good.

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