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for Pool of blood

3/27/2008 c1 Thomas
Your poems are well written, but way are most of them about death?:(

I am a great fan of digimon, and also a fan of Dexstrosity.

I would love to hear from you also. :)
12/2/2001 c1 6CrimsonTears1
Hey that was amazing. You are a very good writer. You reviewed one of my poems, so I'm reviewing one of yours. I really like it. Very creative.
11/17/2001 c1 82mikae77
dear crazyforleeslowandweirdgirle:


just kidding!god!honestly, though, I DO NOT get it. But I liked the line, hurt inside and out. physically and mentally-powerful! starts to cry. NOW U REVIEW SOME OF MY STUFF, how's that? ;P hehehe...

yours truly,

QUOTE: Mrs. Gaggiano

;) !

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