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for I'm a bouncer

3/5/2006 c1 44Maddie Fyrce
Hahaha. That rocks. I think I love you now.
2/27/2006 c1 FiFe
Am I completely incorrect in saying that if this is fan fiction it belongs to w.fanfiction.net and not w.fictionpress.com?

Anyway, funny story. You could've left the author's notes off at the end-nobody gives a shit about you being amazed at your own writing. Would've made it a lot funnier..
5/18/2005 c1 9la-mocha
this is hilarious and well-written! Good job!
5/15/2005 c1 90Dragonzz
oh my gawd this is so friggin hilarious i almost died laughing! ~dragonz~
12/8/2004 c1 20Kaye90
Damn, I saved the best for last! It is so good to know that someone else shares my overwhelming addiction of Midgit-Tossing! Maybe there's actually a Midgit-Tosser-aholic's Anonymous! Except that we don't go to get rid of our problem, but rather to share our Midgit-Tossing exploits! (but don't tell anybody. They all think that we actually are a knitting club. haha, sucks to be them, non-midgit-tosser freaks!) The one tiny flaw in the story was The Amazing Bendina. For me, as a girl, I do not wish to hear about ShattenJager's exploits with the Amazing Bendina. But I would have TOLD The World's Strongest Pacifist that I would let him in for a slinky, taken the slinky, then booted his ass.Well, I think we have firmly established that you are insane. Kudos to insane ppls! They make me laugh like a helium-sucking midgit!I think this may have inspired me to write my own midgit story in Michael O'Hare's memory! (no doubt my brother, who has a severe shortness inferiority complex, will shoot me for it, but the few minutes of satisfaction before he does will make it all worthwhile!) LONG LIVE THE MIDGIT-TOSSERS!I cannot believe I have read all your stuff already! *sigh* ah, how short the good times are! (Good times, Great oldies, 95.7!) I will come back and reread them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and frikin' midgit over again!-Kaye90
7/3/2003 c1 Britta

Short people are cool. And I have tall friends that can kick your butt. SUCKAH!
12/7/2002 c1 13Horace Gold
Wowzers, Mike, I almost peed my pants! And it had nothing to do with the fact that this was a goddamn funny story (Which it was) You see, since, earlier in the night, i had ordered some complimentary free pay-per-view midget fetish porn, my wife came up to me, shouted something in cuban, saluted Josef Stalin, then quickly punched me in the bladder, which isn't fun mind you... is it just me, or is this so much about me that it's almost not a review at all? BTW, might i ask who Quinn Martin is?

Vellocita del dio Buona Notte,

Lazarus de Medci IV
10/23/2002 c1 InFiniTE M

That was fucking insane ! I loved it, hahaha

I'm really crying cuz I''m laugingh out loud so hard

damn it rules to be 203 centimeters :D
1/17/2002 c1 trunksdmx
YOU ARE GAY! Like your story. Since when do you find bouncers guarding a nightclub? And even if there was one WHY THE HELL WOULD HE THROW MIDGETS! The story is retarted... -Renactment- O! Hi Im gonna throw a midget! Yey! I win!
12/24/2001 c1 Tyoria
By astonishing coincidence, this came out on my birthday, as such I am claiming it as my present. And it's the best damn present ever. Hilarious! I doubt you'll get fifteen reviews though. I don't think a lot of people come to fanfiction.net to read original stuff. They want to hear about Duo being fucked up the ass by Heero and other assorted perversions.

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