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for No One Understands

3/8/2004 c1 2LonelyLoner
can relate soo much to this.
5/10/2003 c1 9JBJ 18
I understand! I've written a few pices simmilar to this, check them out some time. Nice Job.
11/18/2001 c1 16Death's Girlfriend
Hey - I don't want you to commit suicide! It's a bit hard for dead people to write more poems, right?
11/18/2001 c1 Anonymous
well...there's nothing really i could say to this but I just wanted to tell you something:

I was like you...a lot of the time...always thinking...if i died, they'd understand...then they'd miss me and wished they wouldn't have done what they did and such...but then tomorrow...everything will be fine...like it always does...and I hope that this will happen to you...

"Tomorrow, a bird WILL soar through the skies, the leaves WILL come down for autumn. So stay strong...and wait for it to come." -Bon Bon

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