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7/7/2003 c1 14Crescendo
This could be so much better if you had other words you could use instead of all the millions of 'f*ck' ending with 'ed' and 'ing'.

And what's with 'I need to get stoned'? Please, don't. Seriously.
2/24/2002 c1 Vampires Child's enemy
You suck too. Everyone from that damn school can't write ..
12/29/2001 c1 30pryncesscrys
i love it, its so...you? (in a sick morbid way)
12/10/2001 c1 Dissilient Melody
That's quite the piece... I know where you're comming from... All of it, wanting your parents to leave you alone, and the guy that never calls... And now that you mention it those lines on word really do miss me off too... lol... but hey i really liked it. BTW, thanks for the review
11/27/2001 c1 DarkSide
LOL. I luv this
11/21/2001 c1 16ScapeGirl
I know exactly how you feel.
11/20/2001 c1 6SuiGeneris
This isn't a poem, it's a rant. And object to the use of the phrase "FUCKING queers." You may not have noticed, but that's homophobia you're promoting there, dearie.

11/18/2001 c1 your poor little elephant Aims
Honey, chill out. Really. He's an asshole, that's great, really, but just...don't do stupid shit, okay? I love ya, and what would i do without you? Probably indulge in gay male porn all by myself, right? Heh, come on, cheer up! The poem, it uh, had passion and some over the top rage. You should see my new name on here, Jessica Rabbit, i'm letting it all out now! Shadowbox is a dead mutha! But don't tell anyone,k ;) But uh, laugh your ass off at some of my stupid writing, i'll send ya some cute pathetic attempts at poetry from 7th grade, they are pretty bad. Just cheer up watermelon girl, it'll all be okay. Much love, hugs, kisses, and cookies! And call me! don't do stupid stuff!

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