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for Kiss Before Marriage, A

8/2/2004 c1 19Kiran S
wow. that was unexpected. different from anyhting else i have ever read. but i liked it. great job! thnx for ur review by the way. too bad u cant reveal ur true self. but we shud be proud of who we are. not scared. remember that.
8/1/2003 c1 27Brighty
Wow, it's very unexpected to see a GIRL as the princess' love. Really original. I'd like to see a continuation of the story.
1/9/2002 c1 Only Yuri
that was a cute story, but maybe you could expand on it, like what happened before...and after, and so on...BTW, yuri is sexual, but shoujo-ai isn't...:Þ
11/20/2001 c1 Ellie
It was good. It was really romantic, and I wish you would continue.
11/20/2001 c1 Taesaki
not a yuri fan, but this was so sweet i had to leave a comment. very cute,

and well written too! i love the names. are you going to continue this or was

this a one shot deal? ::hints and pokes for continue:: =)
11/19/2001 c1 BlueMew
Very good fic! It's nice to see people write stuff without adding unnessicery sex to it. If there's more to this, I'll be watching for it!

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