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for Stageplay

1/22/2006 c1 12xdiamond
This is powerful. I love it. The metaphor of the stage is really clever.
5/18/2002 c1 84Jaclyn
WHOA...how profound. wow, i really liked that...great concept!
1/1/2002 c1 48Vinsant Firepsyched
Appearances can really fool people huh? Good job.
12/9/2001 c1 1Bitterscarlet
It's me again. ("Oh goody," you say) I really like this one. Very atmospheric if cryptic, but it's obviously quite personal so we're not going to fully 'get' it now are we?
11/21/2001 c1 42Dream Angel
Very sad, but very good. You did a good job with writing it, it's extremely beautiful sounding. I loved it. :)

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