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for Out of the light, came darkness

7/29/2002 c2 Anendel
Nice! but one thing... let the evil guys be more hard! the fight was over abit quick for my taste but all in all good work! keep it up!
12/19/2001 c1 3arikara
yes yes yes continue it. . thank you *^_^*

very very cool. me is liking ver very much *^_^* go dark angel, go dark angel, go dark angel, go dark angel, go! go! go! go! he he *^_^*
12/14/2001 c1 Maz not signed in
11/28/2001 c1 2The Shadow
Forgive me for sounding like Helen here but OH... MY... GOD! This is great! Man, I really want you to continue this! This is, I dunno, a must-read! C'mon write more, I'm dying to find out about that guy!

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