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for With You Gone

2/21/2002 c1 GataFairy
That was GRIM, Ruki-chan! (Chan isn't JUST for "boyfriend/girlfriend" themes. ^.~) GRIM, I tell you! But I could never write a song, so I'll not say any more... Lovely
1/2/2002 c1 93Sidhe
the idea is powerful, and clean, and has major potential, but the word "death" was used way too much. aside from that i think u got a pretty good song here! -Sidhe
11/22/2001 c1 82mikae77
Hey! I'm here right now!Wow! And you already know what I think of this one!
11/22/2001 c1 Aaron Mason and his gay-ass internet connection at school
That song was well written. I can relate, a number of people close to me have passed on. It hurts really badly. Keep it up, I reckon you could make a career out of this if you wanted to.

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