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2/9/2006 c9 9Sumnor
I've read a lot of your stuff in the past three days but I don't understand how you can spell 'succumbed' but not 'quiet' or 'meant'. You also misspell 'ichor' as 'echor' everytime you write it, and quiet is usually quite, and meant is met.

Read my story One-Eye Knight if you ever get the chance.
5/12/2003 c6 unclepauly
I can definitely see these as a comic book, the storyline is fast paced and exciting and the events that drive the story are varied and interesting.

What I envy you is that you've actually taken a group of diverse characters and made the readers care about them. I wish I was getting reviews mourning the death of so and so or urging the lead character onwards.

Definitely, Nightfall is an institution.
9/28/2002 c1 Mia
Hi. I realy enjoyed ur fanfic. it is real good. Do u mind if i put it on my website. Plzz. thanx. bye.


9/7/2002 c24 Scott
Wow, so close to the end.

I thought it was a really good move the way you backtracked when Bill got the cross. This second time around, everything is much better. I hope Bill and Christine survive if anyone does. They're far and above my favorite characters.
9/1/2002 c24 6Strider Hunter
Holy smokes, the return of the blob. Very, very good, but damn...no deathmatch royale like I had hoped.

Actually I've come to respect Timms a bit more in this chapter. He won't be manipulated so easily, he's still got the goals in mind. Hmm, what happens when blood of two different creatures mix, I wonder? I'll be looking forward to that.
8/31/2002 c24 Star
I just finished reading your series up to where you finished it off and it so far is one of the better ones that I have read. Please finish it!
8/27/2002 c24 2CeruleanSin
Yet another great chapter Will. The Neva bit was genius. ;) Timms will be a fierce enemy, I can imagine. Lycanthrope gone vampy...now that's a thought.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
8/20/2002 c23 8SweetEvil
Neva! It's not fair that it's not really Neva, but it's nice to see she's back.
7/25/2002 c23 6Strider Hunter
Nice twist, Willum, one of many that is no doubt up your sleeve. Bringing Neva back from the ashes...Timms' only weakness. Beneath the bad-ass attitude and tough-guy exterior, he still has a soft-spot for her. I get the feeling that Timms is going to do a lot of damage, very quickly, before realizing the wrong he's done by joining Barty.

With the group already in the lair, I'm hoping to see some major confrontations with those hell-creatures from the previous reality (especially that blob thing-I really wanna see someone take that thing out!).

So with things squared away b/w Bill and Diane (finally?) is she going to stop treating him like a **** from now on? It's good to see the two make peace before moving on-not quite as emotionally satisfying as I had expected, but it'll do.

Next round: Bill vs. Timms in a deathmatch royale!
7/14/2002 c22 8SweetEvil
Hi Willum. Nightfall is still great! I had to reread quite a number of chapters to remember what was going on since I hadn't read in a while. It's great, so many changing things, that I've stopped trying to figure out what will happen next. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
7/13/2002 c22 6Strider Hunter
OMG! FF.net is back online! I guess we get what we paid for.

Well done, Willum, these newest 2 chapters were an enjoyable read. With the knowledge of foresight, Bill's been able to save everyone as best as he is able. But the fact that his future memories are fading can't be a good sign. Still, it's nice to see everyone in character, with Roy still believing in Bill and Timms still distrustful.

This review probably isn't as analytical as I had hoped. But it's Sunday morning, and I shouldn't even be up at this hour! For now I'll just read it for what it is: a good, entertaining story.
7/12/2002 c21 2CeruleanSin
Wow, it's been so long since I've had a Nightfall fix (Damn technical difficulties)and this one was a great one at that!

I love this whole time alter thing and it's just adding so much more spice, if you will, as we approach the ending. :) Will, I can never tell you enough how awesome this story truly is and incredibly worthy of being published.

Definitely looking forward to the next chapter!
6/2/2002 c20 CeruleanSin

Will, that was just absolutely great! Talk about two awesome chapters! I LOVED the time reversal thing! That was just completely awesome! (lol you sure had me goin when you killed off Dolph, Roy and Timms - I was like NOOOOOO!). And the meeting with Ben was perfect! Damn you and your excellent writing! lol.

I really don't know what else to say, I'm speechless. That was genius! lol. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!
6/2/2002 c20 6Strider Hunter
It's good to see that Bill has finally figured things out...so he had the power all along. And it wasn't time traveling, hmm. You can't help but cheer to yourself when Bill said "I'm sorry...for causing you such fear." Parallels to his past mistake, yet clearly showing he wants to right the wrong. Yeah Bill, go kick some ass!

I'm curious...did you throw out clues for us readers before, about Bill's power being inherent? Obviously Christine never knew. Maybe something Barty thought about while he was alone, contemplating? I just wonder if the opportunity was there for us to figure it out as Bill had.

Anyway, I'm RELIEVED to see Roy and "Co." back together again...and ALIVE! Boy, you sure had us for a second there, Willum. All in all, I'm now even more eager for the next chapter than this one.
6/1/2002 c20 Lani Mae
This keeps getting better and better! I'm excited for the ending! But not to worry. I am waiting very patiently :)
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