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5/31/2002 c20 QuinnEinstein
Alright! That was like wow. I wonder where this new turn of events with lead? Can't wait to find out.

5/29/2002 c19 Shadow Demon1
You got a great story here. I have a few characters I like that are pretty cool. I am new around here so I really don't know what to say. I think you have alot of talent for being a horror writer. Even though I just read this I think your going to be successful in the future.Keep up the good work dude.
5/28/2002 c19 QuinnEinstein
LoL! I can't wait for the next chapter either, but as good as this story is I can wait a few weeks. Now on to my review...

You killed Roy, Timms?, and Dolph! You bastard! LoL! At least Diane is still alive.. for now.. I hope. That was kind of funny after Bill said Hell. Anyway, keep up the good writing.

5/28/2002 c19 6Strider Hunter
Oy...now I know how other readers must feel, waiting anxiously for that next new chapter. Consider me on that list now...

Jesus God, nooooo! Noooo!

With that being said, I am at a loss of words right now...no, more like I want to say things that a nice guy shouldn't. How? How could you let them die like that! Dolph, the poor bastard...damn that black blobby thing! I hated it when it decimated the others, and I hate it now! At first I thought Timms might have been just unconscious, but the way you killed off everyone else, hell he's probably dead too! And Roy, to meet his end like that! No, I REFUSE to accept that's how it'll end...

Of course, the crux of the matter is-and always was-Bill. Hmm, is there going to be some kind of reversal...like time traveling involved? In any case, this was an extremely captivating chapter (no wonder). Bill's talk with Ben's spirit (I'm still suspicious about him), his regrets, his humanity...all spiraling toward the mighty, final climax.

Drop what you're doing right now, forget about the games and such, quit your job. I demand that the next chapter be out by week's end.
5/27/2002 c18 Strider Hunter
Heh...I'm anxious to see whether April and Rein are part of that group that stumbled on Christine (sometimes I forget that Roy and pals aren't completely alone in this fight!). I also liked how Bart made that point against Diane ("Why, my child? Hmm? Because it is you?"), it really shows how deplorable she's acted toward Bill lately.

And dammit, when are you gonna explain the whole Room of Crosses thing? I need to know!
5/19/2002 c17 Strider Hunter
Excellent, Willum, simply excellent. I expected a chapter like this to come up at the end, when Bill and Diane finally become honest with each other (though for a good long while I didn't think it actually was Bill...was it?). I can see a lot of thought went into this chapter simply because of the content: it takes a hell of a lot of thought to write about relationships, especially for one that's as complex as Bill and Diane's. Still doesn't make me forgive her for how's she's been treating him, but oh well.

And cripes, but Roy and friends had better find Bart fast, otherwise Bill's doomed...DOOMED!
5/15/2002 c16 Strider Hunter
Cripes, looks like Roy and Co. are in a heap of trouble. Hell, it's not even a "Co." anymore, just him, Dolph, and Timms!

With Bill finding the crucifix hidden away in Bart's lair, that only confounds the plot. Is Bart really evil? Why are holy relics in the lair? Will the Others make an appearance to Bill and show him the way?

I actually reviewed this last week sometime, but for some reason it never got posted. As a matter of fact, I'm a little pissed off at ff.net at the moment, but that's a long story...enough to make me want to leave the site. Hopefully "Nightfall" will end before then, as well as a number of other quality stories.

5/12/2002 c18 2CeruleanSin
Great chapter Will!

We see that the trio is still alive (yay!) and that Christine has met up with the armed forces (another yay, hopefully hehe). Yet, I have one question, where on Earth did the statue dude go? He couldn't have simply disappeared and let Bill go, could he? Or maybe that will be answered in the next part hehe...

Also, I'm wondering about this room of crosses and what it's all about...

Until the next chapter! :)
5/8/2002 c15 6Strider Hunter
Aarrrggh! Geez, did you have to get caught, Diane? Trouble's your middle name; now you're going to cost Bill everything.

Well, so long Dillon and Jessica...your powers may be awesome, but apparently they're not needed to end this fight...
5/8/2002 c14 Strider Hunter
All right...time for some real action! So this is it, this is where the end of "Nightfall" happens. Man, it's like watching the last five episodes of your favorite TV show...

I can't wait to see how these creatures look. The fact that Bart is an Other, I'm figuring, is REALLY going to play all out in the end. Still can't figure out Dillon and Jessica's roles yet, but I'll get there. And, of course, Christine's role will be obviously crucial, just because of the fact that she's separated from the group. Hmm.

Hey Diane, you seriously need to get over Winger's death. Really, your bitchy attitude isn't helping, not with all the bad blood (no pun intended) among our group of heroes (I especially enjoyed Timms snide remark there at the end).

Here we go!
5/5/2002 c12 Strider Hunter
Geez...who would have thunk that Dillman could have done so much damage. Especially with a powerhouse like Bill and the angel/demon pair on their sides?

A lot of people died today, including those with the walking vamp bomb...it was a radioactive explosion, right? Then Winger died (noo!) and Trent, Erin and Donovan...sheesh. Like I said before, I had never really cared about Alpha Team, but for the past few chapters they had started to grow on me.

Let's hope that Dolph and his crew will be able to keep the devastation to a minimum, next time Roy and Co. are attacked.
5/4/2002 c11 Strider Hunter
Hey Willum, looks like I decided to read just one more chapter after all.

Hmm, well I don't know about this one; I don't want to say that it was rushed or anything, because I know it couldn't have been. But when I saw that the angel and demon were just walking around with the group now, with no one asking questions, it just felt a little odd. Perhaps after all that they've seen, Roy and Co. don't bother to ask questions about strange things anymore.

Another thing, is it completely over b/w Bill and Diane? Wow, they haven't said a word to each other since Bill came back; or maybe I'm jumping the gun and you'll have a big, drawn out confrontation next chapter or something.

And lastly, I hope nothing's wrong with Christine, though from your hints about her past I think I know what's going on...ugh
5/4/2002 c10 Strider Hunter
Whoa...now that's cool. Bringing in almost every element of the supernatural, eh Willum? Angels and demons, fantastic. I wonder if Barty knows about them...cuch beings are truly more powerful than mere vampires, lords or not.

So the deadline's set...six more hours. Hmm, I'm debating whether to read the whole story now, and be like the other dozen or so readers waiting for you to continue every week!
5/4/2002 c9 Strider Hunter
Well, THAT was unexpected! Two strangers out of the blue, apparently with powers to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see what their story is.

Barty must be pretty confident, allowing Bill to just break out like that. And dammit Bill, I was hoping that you hadn't actually killed that german girl. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Oh, and lastly, that conversation Bill had with Bart intrigued me. It reminded me a little of Stephen King's "It," the origins of other beings and all that. Yes, really really intriguing...
5/2/2002 c16 2CeruleanSin
No Bill No!

Will, why must you do this to me? lol. Leave me hanging like this!

Great chapter, perfecto! :) If I am correct, is Dolph, Roy and Timms the last of the pack? Sheesh, they are really outnumbered! They will make it, I know they will! (Just don't kill off Dolph! lol)

Until the next chapter... ;)
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