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for Nightfall: The Final Season

5/2/2002 c16 Lani Mae
O MY GOSH! Hurry! type faster the ending! I'm biting my fingernails in eager anticipation of what comes next! Great story!
4/30/2002 c8 6Strider Hunter
I just finished reviewing three new stories (two of which were kind of a strain on my senses) and let me tell you, after a session like that, there's nothing like getting my weekly "Nighfall" fix...

Ah, clever...making that captured Master vamp into a nuclear bomb; why didn't I guess that before? And nooo! Not Bill! He did it, he finally did it. So that's it, Bill's soul is lost for-friggin-ever.

Just to mention it, I got lost when they were both speaking German. For those of us who don't speak, myself included, it'd be helpful to have a sort-of translation (say, an aside that Bill has in his head, for example) so that we can understand. Of course, maybe I'm the only ass around here who doesn't speak German...
4/28/2002 c7 Strider Hunter
Bill, hang in there man!

Willum, it's been too long a while. Aptly named chapter, the "final solution" for SC was it's destruction...too bad, though, that Maybourne had to buy it, he was a decent man. Now, one can only wonder how Katt and Rein will find the others.

I really came to admire Bill in this chapter. Despite his circumstances, he refuses to give in to "the dark side." Alas, he could only resist for so long...
4/14/2002 c6 Strider Hunter
Roy, you'd better not be giving up!

A nice chapter focusing on the tormented priest, not too many of those lately. Your characterizations are very involved and thoughtful, and brings out the humanity in everyone. Another good example of your skill in fleshing out characters drives and motives, Willum.
4/14/2002 c5 Strider Hunter
Damn Will, but that was one of the best chapters I've read so far. And yay, that April woman is back, now she, Rein, and Maybourne have to find some way to survive the vamp attack (hmm, are they really vamps? and how are there so many of them?). The explanation of the experimental vamp was interesting, but not surprising...I mean, a transfusion is completely logical.

And dammit Bill, haven't you already learned that Bart messes with your head? Geez, the way Christine "showed up" was almost cartoony in a way, and you still believed it was her? Poor, poor Bill. Now you have to fight the hunger when there's a meal right in front of you; maybe you could strike up a conversation with the doomed girl, which would hold you off (for a little while) from tearing her throat out.
4/12/2002 c15 1Gunn
Willum, what can I say? This just gets better and better. Infact the only issue I have with these chapters is that they are just too damn short. I hope you are well and truly bored with your new computer so you can stop trying out its new features and concentrate on getting the next chapter to us quickly. Until the next time ...
4/11/2002 c15 2CeruleanSin
No! Barty you bastard! lol.

Great continuation Willum! (not that you don't hear that enough from me hehe). That octopus like creature was pretty freaky, *imagines creature* Eck! That sucks for Jess and Dillon though, and now the crew is two peop...er...fighters short, hehe. Hopefully, Bill and Roy can save the day (and hopefully Bill doesn't turn on his pals, although Timms is a real prick...maybe it's ok if he turns on him, lol).

Can't wait to check out the next part! Most definitely!
4/11/2002 c11 Agent Green

I really think you have a good story here. I see alot of suspence. I like flow and idea of this story. You really have some talent for horror.Keep up the good work.
4/11/2002 c15 QuinnEinstein
Diane as bait? A vamp? Dead? This just keeps getting more interesting.
4/7/2002 c4 6Strider Hunter
Hmm, what could this possibly portend? An experimental vamp, heading to Germany with the gang? The possibilities are endless, so I simply won't guess.

Dammit, Bill had to get caught. And Diane...what the f**k's up with her? She didn't even give a damn if Bill was ok, no, just her precious Winger, Winger, Winger! Sigh...sorry, got carried away.

Just ten more chapters to go...!
4/7/2002 c3 Strider Hunter
Those sons of bitches, Bear and Dillman...I hope Dillman gets what's coming to him! Because the cockpit windows were all smashed like that, shouldn't the entire plane have depressurized and gone into a tailspin dive anyway?

I'll have to say it again, Dolph and his pals are life-savers...but then you just had to think of something to screw them, didn't you Willum? That's a grotesque image...blood spraying in the air like that thanks to those razor wings. I take it when all this is over, there's not going to be much left of the party, is there?
3/31/2002 c1 Strider Hunter
Whoo-hoo! I made it to season 4! Finally, I'm on the same page as everyone else...it took months and months, but it finally happened. Nice.

Damn, but having Dillman whispering like that in the dark gave me the willies. I'd have blamed Jim, but he's already dead...or is he? And those guys in the suits...what a nest o' scheming bastards.
3/28/2002 c14 QuinnEinstein
Ok, this story is just too good. I can't wait to see more of it. Keep up the excellent writing!
3/27/2002 c14 2CeruleanSin
Here we go! Time for the final challenge! Ooo I can't wait! :)

I'm really lookin forward to seeing what creatures you have in store for us Will, esp. since they're even worse than those razor wings and creatures like Dimitri. Now you've really kept me hangin!

Let's see if our heroes will make it through Bartholomew's lair...whether or not they make it to him alive...
3/26/2002 c13 8SweetEvil
Hey Willum! I had to do some major catch-up! This season is great so far.. I can't wait to see how this whole thing wraps up. I have no suggestions other than you really need a spellchecker. :)
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