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3/23/2002 c13 2CeruleanSin
Whoa, that was insane! The whole halfling bit was a ploy, ha, I would have never seen that one coming Will! Great job! I feel bad for Christine though, knowing that she now may be the enemy, and helpless to do anything about it. But Bill definitely did what he had to do...although I think we'll be seeing Christine again...hehe.

Great continuation Will, here's to the next chapter! :)
3/3/2002 c12 CeruleanSin
Ha, Emory's plan backfired! In the worst way too! At least Wilson got to the button though, and I bet the surrounding vamps sure felt the effects!

So Dillman was the next major obstacle, nice touch Will. :) But did ya have to really kill off Winger? lol, I really liked him and that sucks big time for Diane, because now she lost another person she was beginning to care for. Gosh I feel so bad for her, she must be suicidal at this point! I know I'd be. Maybe she and Bill will connect again, that is, if they all make it through this!

Whoo hoo, Dolph's back to save the day, of course. Can't you tell I love that guy? lol. And now you've got me really wondering about this 'Marrizzia' and Christine...Bill knows something she don't know! lol, Can't wait for the next chapter Will, now you kept me hangin!
2/28/2002 c11 Guest
Fantastic! Please hurry up and add more; I'm dyin' to see what happens! How the heck do you write this stuff? :-D
2/27/2002 c11 FaLLeNAnGeL Too lazy to sign in lol
Yes! I love the religious vamps' new gift! Goooo Dolph! lol. I love that guy.

So now we're starting to get a wee bit suspicious about Christine, and the crazy part is, Bill knows all about it. Hmm, I wonder what's going to happen...

Great continuation Will, yet again! :) I want more, I want more! lol, until then...
2/17/2002 c10 CeruleanSin
A Demon and Angel breed! Ha, I love it! lol. Great continuation Will, as usual of course. I really like these new characters. Hope to learn more about them!

Hopefully, everyone doesn't turn on Bill (cause Vivian is verrry skeptic about him) and that he can prove himself by the end of the night, or else he'll turn and that's the last thing we want, lol.

Awesome chapter Will, can't wait for the next!
2/9/2002 c9 CeruleanSin
Go Ben, Go! Hurry before it's too late! lol. Great continuation Will, as usual of course. Ooooo, we've got some new company. I wonder what these creatures are. Nice job, can't wait to see what happens next!
2/7/2002 c9 coddegg
good 1
2/3/2002 c8 Scott
Very nice, looks like the series is heading for the big showdown. It'll be cool to see who lives, and who dies from here. That's assuming they all even make it there. Great story.
1/31/2002 c8 CeruleanSin
Hey Will! Nice continuation, lol I want to know what on earth Bill and that chick were saying! (I dunno one word of German, lol). Well I guess he didn't have much of choice, although that was his third strike! I wonder what's going to happen to him... I also liked that telepathic bit, I can see that Roy and the crew aren't doing so hot. (No! lol). Can't wait to see what happens next!, with Bill, Roy, and Emory and his ticking time - vampire? lol.
1/31/2002 c8 cafemint
Good one. Will Bill turn against Roy and Christine? Will he be a bigger threat than Bartholomew? Not too keen when he tool the blood of the German lady though.
1/14/2002 c1 Parteepants
Your write very well, and I particularly like your dialogue. Good job.
1/13/2002 c7 CeruleanSin
No! Bill don't feed from her! It does matter, it does! lol, great chapter Will, I love the way you clued us in on Bill's true feelings for Diane and Christine, and his mental furor over the encompassing darkness and humanity. Poor Maybourne!, sacrifices himself to save the others, a true hero in my book. I'm really looking forward to what'll happen next, with both Bill, Kat and Rein, and the rest of the crew. I'll be waiting very impatiently, hehe. ;)
1/10/2002 c6 CeruleanSin
LOL, gotta love Diane and her slapping sprees! Nice chapter Will, I'm wondering how they'll fare against this new threat, also I hope Bill can pull through... hurry, hurry, hurry! :)
1/10/2002 c6 1Gunn
Haven't reviewed this book in a while as I wanted to read the whole lot together. It has become such a part of this site that I can't imagine not logging on and getting my regular fix. Brilliant. I envy readers who have just discovered it and are reading it for the first time. Keep it up.
1/8/2002 c5 2CeruleanSin
Haha, a bomb implanted into a vampire! That's a pretty good idea actually, well, besides the fact of the humans of course. What a mind game on Ben that was! Purely evil and sadistic, I love it! Wondering if he'll resist the urge... Great chapter, can't wait to find out what's next!
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