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for Nightfall: The Final Season

1/8/2002 c4 2CeruleanSin
Now that they're in low numbers, I guess we're all wondering whether or not our heroes are gonna make it. But I have faith in them. ;) With Dillman being his own one man army, I'm wondering what he'll be up to. Also, what happened to Timms, if he's still alive. I'm also curious as to Emory's scheming, hehe ...
1/8/2002 c3 CeruleanSin
Yes, the return of the Holy Vamps! I love those guys. ;) Surprise, surprise, the razor wings attack, and I'm guessin this is only the beginning. Hmm... I wonder where Dillman went...
1/8/2002 c2 CeruleanSin
Haha, I knew it! Now they've got a big surprise. It's too bad though, I really thought Bear and Dillman were pretty kool guys, (shrugs) but at least there together again. I just love Bill's and Christine's powers, they're awesome. Great chapter Will. :)
1/7/2002 c1 CeruleanSin
Great start to the series Will! Who woulda guessed Dill is a vamp now? hehe, and I'm going out on a limb and assuming that Bear and Dill will now become a surprising new threat...
12/27/2001 c4 8SweetEvil
Apparently, I am not allowed to receive automatic notices when you update, otherwise I would have seen this sooner. It just keeps getting worse! I love it!
12/10/2001 c2 LUke
Awsome Book!
12/9/2001 c3 Gauntlet1
Final Season? Damn I'd hate to see this go, but I guess this way you can work on your other great series :) Hey Willum this is Ted D. Bear, what's up? Well even though I've been really caught up in real life stuff, I have been following this series, even though no one has heard from me in months, I've still been keeping up on Nightfall and Lightbarer, which isn't moving fast enough. I will be posting a story today called Unlit Candles, it's just a short story but It's almost finished. So are you and L.E. Lamkin the only ones that have stayed here writing out of the old little "group" of Lamkin, you, me, Gman, and Jaffa? But anyways check out Unlit Candles, see if I've improved at all since I was writing the Dark Hands series. By the way if ya get the time send me an E-mail so we can chat:
12/6/2001 c2 SweetEvil
Hey Willum! I'm kinda glad we're finally going to see the final resolution for this story, but it's kinda sad too.. I mean.. no more Nightfall! I'm glad Bear and Dillman are back together, even if they are the bad guys now.. it was really upsetting, ya know? Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed Nightfall to this point and can't wait for the rest.
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