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2/19/2003 c3 2Sharia Sully
loved it loved it loved it loved it! Damn, i dont have anything else to say. Oh, I don't think that i've mentioned that the lists at the start of every chapter are great. Abosolutly hilarious! Looks like Ren and Kayla are picking up some traits from eachother. Oh yeah, i'd almost forgotten about mummy dear. . .where does she come in again? ANyway, im really looking forward to your next update. . .soon? Please?

2/19/2003 c3 12Contia Mirian
^_^ I like the start of this. I'll be back.

2/19/2003 c2 2Sharia Sully
"She would have infinitely preferred the translation 'My mother seems to have gone insane. It would be a good idea to leave quickly,'" hahaha, that line had me laughing my ass off for a good ten minutes. Your action scene was wonderful, btw, and i love Ren's mom. . .and his father's feminin screech.

2/19/2003 c1 Sharia Sully



. . .

Did i have anything else to say? oh yeah, this is wonderful, soo soo funny. The writting is perfect, the characters are great. . .and the premise! great twist on the old damsel in distress clique. loved it, every bit of it. There was one typo, a 'herself' where i think you ment a 'himself', other than that, perfect

2/19/2003 c3 20Cassandra Anthemyst
Fun, you updated! I love this story, it's hysterical. I love how the main characters are as far from the epitome of maturity as possible.keep updating!
2/18/2003 c2 6JLA-Jade
I am currently laughing my butt off, this is so differant from anything i've ever read, i loved it, do they ever get out? More please!
8/11/2002 c2 Ksnow
You have write a sequel to this! It was great! I always love a good parody!
6/7/2002 c2 6Escape Velocity
Oooooh, this is funny. VERY funny and very well written. I love a new spin on traditional fairy tales or legends, and this is VERY good. Really, really funny. Continue soon, please!
5/10/2002 c2 6Kouryou Sanomi
lol ^^
5/4/2002 c2 1Wasurera
Another good one. :)

I enjoy your writing style a lot. It's fresh and funny, and ever so amusing.
5/1/2002 c2 4Kirjava1
OOOOOOOHHHHH! funny! It's good! Your two protagonists are hilarious!
4/23/2002 c2 20Cassandra Anthemyst
This is really good! Funny, but with a plot. You should continue it!
4/6/2002 c2 DAWNKILL
I am going to kill you if you don't upload more chapters and soon! ;). This was way too funny fic, and I would be extremely happy if I would be able to read more of it. MUCH more of it. Especially if Kayla and Ren are going to be a an rather... different, and chaotic couple, or lovers, however you wish to put it. Over the board kind of humor with romance and fantasy. Just too good to miss. Write more, damnit.
3/15/2002 c2 2azhrei
holy flying cows- this is one good fic! :) nope, have no clue where the cows come in (they just sort of stumbled out), but the fic is good and i did enjoy reading it! awaiting the fun next chapter.. ^^ (i /love/ the mom.. too cool..)
3/8/2002 c2 3Queen Momoko
Love the story. ^^ I love the character development that you have done so far. They really jump out at you. I especially like the comments at the beginning of the chapters. They're so cool. ^_^
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