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3/5/2002 c2 12All Mighty Terrestrial
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FANTASY STORIES I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIME! I mean that! This is better than most books I have checked out from the library. You have to finish this. You have to. I especially liked, "Besides, it's not like she casually walked around the house throwing fireballs when I was a kid..." Great stuff.
3/3/2002 c2 3Shaelesand
Delightful! This is wonderful!
3/1/2002 c2 2Arikiko
I laughed heartily throughout this whole chapter. It's hilarious! Spectacular writing!
2/16/2002 c2 Phasera
Very good! Very funny! I love your sense of humor and sytle of writing.
2/10/2002 c2 flaming nightshade
i love this story. The humour is fantastic and both your lead characters are really likeable. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
2/10/2002 c2 Celelorien
^_^ very funny, looks like a good story... I really like Kayla, she doesn't sound anything like my little sister by the same name.. much more like me... muahahaha.. Ren's awesome too... the 'self-preservationist' bit is so funny... keep going, this is cool!
1/8/2002 c1 41Willum
Not a bad story you have going here, GK. I don't read too much fantasy, but I like how you handle this one, getting to the point without burying everything in legends and whatnot. Hope you continue it soon, as it seems very promising.
12/3/2001 c1 Negrath

Impressive little tale...And I'd especially like to hear more of this lady...

PS; not to draw comparisons, but I'm somewhat reminded of Xena & Gabrielle...in the sense that they no doubt were of much the same acquintance in the beginning...any chance this fellow might end up following miss Kayla?
11/26/2001 c1 4XBlowDriedRatsX
lol dangggg...that was good! lol..you think differently...outside the box...i loved the story, no flames for yah, but hey...proofread (5th line from the bottom...herself should be himself...) but yeah. that was great! i luffed it!
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