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3/10/2006 c22 47mystic-georgia
I've been reading this series for about two days straight now and I'm flabbergasted at your vast imagination on these creatures. You've got a few grammer errors but I forgive you on that score. I'm also very impressed by your knowledge on the military (which I know absolutely nothing about,lol). Good luck with publishing all of this, but what I'd really love you to do with this is to turn this into a television series. A film might destroy most of your lovely work, but all in all, this is a fantastic story.
10/26/2003 c22 6BluhdRayne
I've just recently come across your story Nightfall (about two weeks ago) and I must say, it has to be one of the best stories I have ever read. I know I'm not yet finished, but from what I have read... _WOW_... That's all I can say. ...WOW... This story has been put together better than some stories I've read by world famous authors. No joke. I think, that if you truely wanted to, you could become an even better fantasy author that could rival the likes of Ann Rice and her vampiric tales, or even the King of Horror himself, Steven King. You should present this story to a publisher and have it printed into "Seasons" exactly the way you have them posted on FP. You really could be a truely great author. I would buy every book you publish if you printed anything.

You've Already Got A Fan,

5/11/2003 c22 24greenzzz
i love it.*smiles*

3/31/2002 c22 6Strider Hunter
Ah, good way to end the season...one of those "tender moments" chapters. It looks as though Bill and Christine are really right for each other, but it's still kinda hazy (especially when Bill sensed that Christine was hiding something else from him).

I also see a little bit of trouble stirring, with Bill sensing the Diane/Winger pairing. That can ONLY lead to more problems. Dare I say it, but could it be that Bear took Dillman's body away to be turned into a vamp, so that they could be with each other again? Hmm...

To Season 4!
3/31/2002 c21 Strider Hunter
Since I have a busy week coming up, I thought I'd finish up season 3 now while I have the time. Action-packed chapter, the climactic battle with Dimitri was intense, if short-lived. It took half a dozen werewolves, two holy men, two halflings, and a LOT of luck. One can only wonder how in the world Roy and Co. can take down Bart.

The inclusion of Alpha Team in the last few chapters adds to the action, but personally I didn't really get into reading about them. I don't know...they're also your own original creations, but somehow they just don't seem to fit in the grand scheme of things. I'll wait and see how Timms deals with them.
3/30/2002 c19 Strider Hunter
Everything's moving so fast now that I can't stop reading...I might even finish up this season right now! Werewolves, an interesting twist. I know they and vampires are supposed mortal enemies, and from the fanaticism of Father Aberon, it looks like the animosity is still on. Now, will Timms rejoin the group and face up?
3/30/2002 c13 Strider Hunter
Excellent...you've made Timms into the scheming bastard that I always thought him to be, the way he SHOULD be! Nothing like a traitor in the group to drive things crazy.

I wonder if Diane really knew what was going on when she said Bill and Christine needed some "quiet time."
3/30/2002 c12 Strider Hunter
Man...I REALLY thought that Jim was lying to them, but it turns out he was telling the truth?

I know everyone's concerned about Dolph and his buddies, but what about the humans that were still alive? Wasn't that a primary motivation for Winger to get to Denver in the first place, before the strike could occur? Questions, questions...
3/30/2002 c11 Strider Hunter
It's obvious that the relationships among all the characters are very well thought, Will. This, like the previous chapter, shows us that not everything is fine-and-dandy among our heroes. Conflict, conflict, conflict; that's what keeps a story going.

I especially liked the talk b/w Diane and Bill, though I'm still not too sure Diane's being entirely honest with herself. Her true colors will show when Bill is in a dire condition, I'm counting on it.

Hmm, I also have a feeling that Winger is gonna fall to Jim's attack...do I really have psychic powers?
3/30/2002 c9 Strider Hunter
Hmm, instead of hitting Timms like that, maybe Roy should have used a sleeper-hold or something...now Timms is gonna hate him even more.

Good, further characterization of Roy as well, with him not getting so pissed off as to forget that it's his holiness that will see them through.
3/28/2002 c8 Strider Hunter
Ha, that's funny...I like how Timms is the lone dissident in the group, it suits him. I also thought the imagery of Denton was great (Ahnuld with wings, that's an image).

Bill, it's time to kill, make it a thrill...
3/24/2002 c6 Strider Hunter
Nice, long chapter, and with plenty of action and drama to boot! I wonder, is Bill even concerned about losing his humanity anymore? I understand that when he drank from Christine it was sort of necessary, but...hmm.

Almost everyone made an appearance in this one, even Jim, that rat. Once again, the Holy Vamps show up and save the day; I really hope that nothing twisted happens to the group's alliance with them (oh say, like Dolph and the Holy Vamps are in reality working for Barty!). Roy and Co. don't really need another betrayal on their hands. And I like the way Bill's feelings are starting to split between Diane and Christine. Personally, I'd have to go with Christine...Diane's become too much of a bitch lately. Not that I don't still want her to win! Go humans!
3/17/2002 c5 Strider Hunter
Geez, it's getting to the point where I don't have time to even read anymore, let alone write!

Friggin' humans working for vamps. Ghouls I think is the proper name for them. Anyway, yet another dire situation for Roy...I'm half-expecting Timms to wake up and kill the three ghouls. With Bill and Christine, I hope they can hold out in the building they're in, maybe play a little hide-and-seek to take out the Old Guard, one by one? Perhaps.
3/3/2002 c4 Strider Hunter
So Jim's alive...you know, I shouldn't even be surprised by things like that anymore.

I'm really, REALLY disliking Diane at the moment. It took Roy chiding her to finally admit to herself her true feelings about Bill...or are they her true feelings? Roy's right, Bill is a tough guy, after all he's been through with them, and Diane should've just been straight and honest with him.

I can't wait to see how you deal with Bill finally feeding, 'cause I know it's gonna happen eventually...
2/24/2002 c3 Strider Hunter
Brightton's dead, booyah! It was about frickin time, too; no fanfare, just a shot to the head, huh?

Bastards aside, I really liked this chapter. Roy's past was a very good read...I wonder, how long ago did this take place in Roy's life? 20, 30 years ago? I guess we'll never know if that shotgun jammed by accident, or if it was indeed divine intervention. Anyway, it was good.

Bill's also got another tough problem; you have a knack for doing that to poor ol' Bill. To feed or not to feed, that is the moral dilemma of the day. I like how you provide some answers through Christine, but in this chapter she across to me as, well, a little too like a "know-it-all." I know she's not doing it on purpose; maybe it's because she's throwing weird terms at Bill so fast. In any case, I'll be waiting for more of what she has to reveal.
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