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2/11/2002 c2 Rosytoes
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I loved it, I find sales people just as annoying:) very clever, wonderful! keep up the good work!
2/11/2002 c1 Rosytoes
Wow that was very funny, though I was a little confused as to why john setter had a cane:) but that is ok, it was very interesting and funny! I especially liked the part about the answering machines I agree completely!
1/17/2002 c2 17ArwenStar914
haahaahaa! This was great! So it was all a scheme made up by John Stretter and his friends... and the King of the dryers and the plot to give away single socks! That was great! Over all, a very humors piece. Few spelling/grammatical errors, but overall a good job. Well done. **ArwenStar**
1/17/2002 c1 ArwenStar914
hmm, a rather humorous little bit I must say. A bit dark, but the possesed answering machine was very funny. =) Good job. Aside from some spelling and grammatical errors, well done. **ArwenStar**
12/7/2001 c2 3Kara Angelle
hehe, don't you just HATE tele-marketers? my Dad's first name is Leslie, of all names, so we are always getting calls for "Ms. Leslie", when we try to explain that "Ms. Leslie" is actually a 42-yr.-old man they never listen and ask if they can leave a messege for "her" so "she" can call them back.*grins* I think salespeople are missing half their brains, sorry to all salespeople out there, at least the ones who call our house are. ~Kara*
12/7/2001 c1 Kara Angelle
Okay, that wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I do like yur writing style, I noticed you reviewed one of my stories so I thought I'd return the favor. I liked it except that everybody died, sort of a modern-day version of a tragic play from like Greece or Rome. I is gonna go and read the next part, ~Kara*
12/5/2001 c2 ArwenAria18
Hallo! This was hilarious, Chris :) "He believed in doing his second best in everything" Heehee! And I liked the whole theme, against the evil salespeople who, of course, have always been something subhuman... you should try what my grandfather used to do to get them to stop calling. When one called, he would imitate a senile, hard-of-hearing old man and act as though he thought the salesperson on the other line was some long-lost relative. Therefore the conversation would go something like this: Salesperson - "Hello, is this Mr. Everett Matson?" Grandpa - "What's that? Who is this?" SP - "I'm calling on behalf of Pink Feather Boas, Inc., and would like to know if I could interest you in some of our products..." G - "Mabel? Is... is that you, Mabel? Oh, thank the Lord! After all these years! Why haven't you come to visit?" SP - "Uh, sir, I believe you might have me confused with..." G - "I've been so lonely! Now, won't you be a good girl and come home?" SP - "Perhaps it would be best if I call at another time." -CLICK-. And they would apparently warn the other companies not to call the insane old man's house, for fear that he would mistake them for his daughter Felicia next time. It worked quite well. -ArwenAria18
12/5/2001 c1 11ArwenAria18
So maybe it was rather dark, but I must say, it's the kind of humor I absolutely love... dry, English-y type humor (YES, I know English-y isn't a word. Hey, I figure, if Shakespeare can do it with 'whatchamacallit', then I'm entitled to my own word adaptations). "'Fire hose already in use', Witness says" was very clever :) -ArwenAria18 P.S. There were, of course, some spelling and grammatical errors, but overall it was well done.
11/30/2001 c1 Maud'Dib
another ingenious peice of work bye snowshoe hare and his mysterious writing partner, this one more so than "the paperboy"(another story posted by this incredible pair) It's fantastic the way these amzing authors link their stories together, so they all make sense, I hope to see these stories published in a book someday. Congratulations once again, snowshoe hare and whoever you're partner is.
11/29/2001 c2 3Marilynne
That was sooo damn funny! God..it really was!
11/29/2001 c1 Marilynne
OMG! THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY! When he landed on his glasses at the bottom of the stairs! Oh my goodness...I am going to read the next part now!

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