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1/30/2003 c1 Me
I thought it was awful, simply terrible, the very idea that the dwarf would try to dispose of the poor mouse, I don’t think I can handle the thought, it really was traumatizing, think of what could have resulted from such and action!

Sincerely, The LGM
2/15/2002 c2 Rosytoes
Please finnish this story soon, I need to know what happens to the priest:) I loved it though! keep up the good work! I liked your descriptions!
2/15/2002 c2 Rosytoes
You people need to finnish that story I want to find out what happens to the priest:) But I loved very funny I laughed outloud!
12/21/2001 c1 Cortex
Excelent story! The descriptions of places and beings are quite vivid. The first few paragraphs grab your attention, then unexpectedly twist your mind. I like the bizarre, almost gothic flavor. Well done!
12/8/2001 c1 AsM Incarnate
Awesome story, remniscient of Douglas Adams (RIP). Very professional.
11/30/2001 c1 Maud'Dib
This story is wonderful! A perfect mix of humor and mystery, never before have I read such an exceptionally good peice from a little-known site such as this. Congratulations to the authors of this story.

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