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for Further down the river

1/2/2002 c1 gone again
Seems to mean that you have gone through life and all it has to offer, and now you are near the end and ready to die. Well, I am not sure. Good poem!
12/30/2001 c1 3nothing123
I liked this. I think it means you went through bad times then it's finally all over and you got through it. I'm just weird! But I liked it.
12/8/2001 c1 82mikae77
hum...then what happens at the END of the river? Do you go to an ocean of souls/peace? Anyway, about my story as well, 1st chapter's about Kent's (quote) good side in other words, when-he-isn't-w/da-gang, so there isn't that much to cuss 'bout. I am trying to control myself from extra though. K! :) And heck, Dolly is da 7th grade teacher...I knew U'ld have Ur say 'bout THAT! *leaves, surprised that ruki wanted to read it and actually remembered to...* no pun!

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