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for Night Of The Feral Demon

7/1/2012 c1 Pain Girl
Cats are evil,remember that people,cats are evil,evil creatures. That was interesting.
4/1/2002 c1 3Azure-Teardrops
Great Story!

I really pictured it and felt goosebumps! Hehehe you picked a great author to get an inspiration from.

I just love to read his stories. ^^
3/6/2002 c1 12All Mighty Terrestrial
This is like that Talypo story, where the dogs get eaten because it wants its tail back. Have you ever read that one? Yes, cats are evil. I know mine is an immortal vampire. But I don't care.
1/5/2002 c1 Kris
Thanks for the review (sorry it took such a long time for me to get around reviewing your story). You have such excellent descriptions! I felt as if I were actually there with you, watching this take place. ^_^ Creepy ending. ::shudders::
12/21/2001 c1 8Gedia Kacela
Ahh... creepy! I knew I didn't like cats. :-)
12/5/2001 c1 Chaoskatana not signed in
Go, kitty, kill the dog!

**notices everyone staring at her.**

Um, yeah.

**Her muse hits her one the head with his flipper**

Oh yeah, and I"m sorry. I really don't have naything against dogs...I just prefer cats...
12/5/2001 c1 Agent Green
I really liked it. It's a good start. Can you review and read my horror fic Insect Infestation.
12/5/2001 c1 4Dakath
Nice, a bit of a surreal feeling about it. Good stuff!

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