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1/23/2005 c1 33eatfoodyum
pho, that's intense.I would like it a billion times better without the @ sign, however.
8/4/2004 c1 234The Moribund Marionette
I love how you associate dark things with warm, pasionate love. Very good.
12/24/2001 c1 93Sidhe
vivid description of a bitter hunger for someone's affection...sour love maybe? me likes. -Sidhe
12/22/2001 c1 5Myst Enchantress
That was...*shudders* I LIKED IT A LOT!^_^
12/12/2001 c1 6Mathison Kotzwinkle
I think it would look better if the words "with" and "at" were spelled out, rather than using computer short language. Other than that, this poem is excellent! I've only read four of your poems, and I love your work already!
12/11/2001 c1 268Grey Mitten
Its supposed to be like repulsing or something that you're drinking blood and stuff, but it's just beautiful. You have absoulutely fantastic poetry. And I'm not just saying that because you reviewed my poem.
12/10/2001 c1 4Soulvenya
okay... other hard one for me to seep into my mind, but i was reminded of a make out thing and werewolves... if that counts... again, i'll reread this latter to get a better picture of what you are saying, other than that i really like it keep it up! i suck at reviews XD
12/10/2001 c1 82mikae77
argh! just kiddin'. I like the desire in it.
12/6/2001 c1 9rukimakino
You reviewed one of my poems so I'm reviewing one of yours. Wow! Very strong and powerful words. Nice poem. Wish I could write stuff like that!

~(as always)Ruki xxxxxxx Jenrya
12/6/2001 c1 Erica
Wow... That was deep! I like the who torn flesh part-sounds KINKY!
12/5/2001 c1 38Erika Lynn
raw beauty
12/5/2001 c1 the laughing ghost
this is to toireasa: thank you. you made my day ^_^
12/5/2001 c1 Toireasa
Ha, it's me, again. Anyways, this poem is creepy, disturbing, scary, and I love it. Goddess, your work is nice. Did I mention you have beautiful poetry?
12/5/2001 c1 7solarfae
cool i love dark love poems ~fae~
12/5/2001 c1 Jackie14
I like it! Good job! But why don'you work on your grammer. Write things out if you know what I mean.

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