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10/19/2006 c1 3Kairos K
Okay that was very, very funny. One of the most enjoyable stories I have read in a while.

Thanks for the laughs.
10/13/2002 c1 594JoyfullyStruggling
lmfao, that was the most funnnnniiiiiessttttt goddamn thing i have ever read! lmfaoooooo

The alien crawled out from under the table away from Tommy and Phil. “Uh –o me in trouble again. Uh-o.”

Phil went running to the other side, “Uh-o is right. I’m going to stomp you.”

Before either Phil or Tommy could do anything a beam of light appeared and another bigger
1/19/2002 c1 jen
(O; cute
12/5/2001 c1 Bunnylord5
Ok, that was the most deeply disturbing fanfic I've ever read, but probably the best! *devil hand sign* Dude! When I tell "Nuwandaforever" she's gonna break something! *laughs until suffers fatal heart attack and dies*

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