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for drowning

9/3/2004 c1 Moroni's Daughter
I like it. That's pretty much how I feel everyday of my life.
4/7/2004 c1 21Diva Chiba
oh... wow... that was really amazing! probably one of the best ive seen on fictionpress, no joke. you used amazing imagery and metaphors, it was just awesome!
~Diva Chiba
7/30/2002 c1 29Katterree Fengari
wings? Oooo...water, water, everwhere, but not a drop to drink...heh...um, yea, Sweet poem
12/11/2001 c1 268Grey Mitten
Wow! I'd think you've drowned before...o.o;; heh...
12/11/2001 c1 4zyzanna
that is so cool. amazing actually. you got some talent!
12/6/2001 c1 Erica
Napkins please!

Man, you should publish these babies. Your poems are superb!
12/5/2001 c1 Toireasa
Yes! I absolutley love this! Jeez, talk about coolness! Wow, this poem rules!

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