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for americananime's Survay

2/11/2002 c1 littlesaiyangirl
hehehe cute! i'll have to do one of my own someday!
12/31/2001 c1 The Golden Goose
12/15/2001 c1 Sabrina451
Hi, i think your survay was funny.In the part about being tired, i SO know what youre talking about, it was like yasterday i was in 6th myself, with Mrs.Memo, Anderson, and Moosally as my teachers.I sincirly hope you get through 6th sanely, i didn't.HAHA.Kidding.Kidding.Honestly, people cant' take jokes now, can they?**mumbles some more** Uhh, what was i talking about?Oh yeah, great survay, bye!
12/13/2001 c1 thegreatpretender
great concept, but work on your spelling
12/8/2001 c1 29Katterree Fengari
So much to say...ham! ...i dont like ham...yea, Red Witch is a good writer, interesting answers
12/8/2001 c1 Kewie
Robin Ho.

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