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for when coyote howls

2/25/2005 c1 16Wing Chant
Wow. That's awesome. I as well, like listening to the noises of the night. Take it, there's really nothing to listen to where I live except the wind, but it's soothing neithertheless. ^^

Awesome work!

loserz. ;)
12/24/2001 c1 93Sidhe
very poetic..and pretty. one criticism only: quiet roar? -Sidhe
12/12/2001 c1 6Mathison Kotzwinkle
It changed tenses around the middle, from present to past tense, but other than that it was great. I liked the part in present tense better; perhaps you may want to consider revising it so that the whole poem is written in one tense. (Hey, maybe my Writing teacher HAS taught me something after all. *grin*)
12/11/2001 c1 268Grey Mitten
12/10/2001 c1 3Estella Riddle
WONDERFUL poem, I loved it! Keep writing!

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