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for Gradual Combustion

12/16/2004 c1 4Alexi Stone
It was a decent short story-a few errors here and there gramatically and in spelling-and the reason I say decent is simply because it was a little too angsty for my taste. There should have been a bit more detail, less double use of words. It makes it more interesting to avoid using two words in the same paragraph describing the same thing (for example, fiery eyes, fire, fire, etc. etc.).But I do like the story here. I just don't know if I see it happening. But.. that's just me. :)
3/6/2003 c1 33superspy
i like reading this story in the morning.
4/5/2002 c1 littleowl
Wow! I just picked a page at random and found your story. You captured the feeing of angst very well. And I love the descriptions and the symbolism of the flame. Great work.
1/23/2002 c1 Miko
mercurysmile, you NEVER stop amazing me...I've read so many of your works and when I finish, the only thing I can say is "Wow...". You are a fabulous and talented writer that can hold my attention without wavering. Once again, wow...You truly are a gifted writer.

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