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for The Free-lance Mercenary

2/16/2002 c4 1Rosytoes
well, I like plot idea! but it seems hard to read. I am not sure why but I don't think that you put as much description into this one that you put into the others! it seems rather dry like it is just a documentary, rather than a story! It just needs to be tuched up a little and it would be very good:)
2/16/2002 c4 1Kierst
I found it slightly boring and hard to follow, but I was quite tired when read it. I found the presence or Brephl and Lord Wuffleberry quite humerous. I think your work is more enjoyable when combined with the "anymous assistant". I will not prentend to point out any spelling errors, seeing as my mere review is probably full of them... :)
1/4/2002 c1 11ArwenAria18
More dry Englishy- humour! (since I used Englishy, I thought I'd better spell the latter word the English way, lest the ancestral spirits become offended.) I love this style. Why is all humor nowadays all Americanized (i.e. corny, or crass, or blasphemous)? I like this, especially his 'advertising slogan'... -ArwenArian18

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