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for Doggon: Book I

3/10/2005 c1 23Homey
You do a good job setting the scene and describing the characters. I like it so far, keep it up.~more Cow-bell!~ Homey
7/30/2003 c3 3fr34k
I LOVE THIS STORY! Do continue writing! I'll be reading each of the books in the series too when you make them. This story has got me hooked! ^_^
2/7/2002 c1 GourryGabriev
I'm going to make this veeerry simple, DOGGON ROCKS! For all you losers who wont read it, you dont know what you're missing. And yes, Doggon WILL be bigger than Harry Pot-head =)
12/10/2001 c1 2Gabumon
Ok, so this isn't a reveiw, this IS the summury because FanFic doesn't exactly have enough room for this,lol. Doggon is about the epic tale of how a 14 yr.boy named Jack Tukami who is accidently transported into a different dimension by means of a disc his *unusually dog-like* cat thought was a cookie. He then finds himself in a world filled of human/dog like beings known as doggons. In this new world, nothing is the same, the oceans and seas are like pink lemonade, and the trees bear no leaves, only petals. When his*before now enemies* Tohnan, and Jenji, tell Jack of the fierce reigner of their world, over thrown by Crawgons, their rivals. They inevitably decide unless some course of action is taken then the Doggon world will cease to exist... meaning, Jack's life will be taken as well.. *ok, so there's a lot more to it then this, but you wouldn't want me to give anything away now would you?* -gabumon

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