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for The Wonderful World of Duct Tape

7/7/2005 c1 1darkjedi908
This is the best essay I've ever read. Ever. Duct tape is the best thing to ever grace the earth (Besides scotch tape, just maybe).
9/17/2004 c1 27MockingbirdDreams
And don't forget, duct tape is reccomended to use in case of biological terrorist attack.
3/15/2004 c1 1GreenTeaRuleraka QueenChad
I'm going to have to buy some duct tape now. ::Snickers:: they'll never know what hit them or stuck to them.
4/3/2003 c1 2Smirnoff Ice Lover
LOL, this is really good. Thank-you, you've just made my day.
3/27/2003 c1 10James Jago
Remind me to try this some time...
5/3/2002 c1 14Luinfirith
Very good I hope you don't mind, but i have sent htis to some friends and we are making this a foward. No worries, your name and all are still on it, I didn't de;ete a thing, so all credit goes to you. But you did forget one thing when mentioning wallets and duct tape. I ahve a wallet amde comepletely out of duct tape. Forget actual wallets, duct tape wallets are so much better!

1/11/2002 c1 Guest
I like this! Very good, and we have duct tape at home too! heh heh heh
1/7/2002 c1 7Miyama Ishida
oh my gods... you're a genius! dude! i'm so gonna get as many people to read this as possible; as it will prove to be benificial to the very existance of man!

all hail duct tape!

*large crowds bow, chanting*

duct tape... duct tape... duct tape...
1/3/2002 c1 16iwantasoda
Anything is possible with Duct Tape! And it has many uses lol (think i have enough o's?)
12/24/2001 c1 3Ruhe ein
lol that's pretty good. I think i need to go buy some and 'educate' my brother on the wonderful uses of Duct Tape ^.^ I think for a sequel you could make a list of some of the many uses or make a 'how-to' for some of the more creative ones
12/21/2001 c1 copper bandit sign in Nah better not
This is the who-knows-what time I've read it and it still doesn't make sense... Maybe that's just me...
12/14/2001 c1 Phantom OG
Cool. heh heh. Long live the duct tape!
12/14/2001 c1 1Copper bandit
I still don't get it... sorry Sempai...

*offers a peace offering of pocky and duct tape* Does this make it better?

Lori told me to read this so that's why I'm here (even more confused than ever...)

Yeah... right then...


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