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for banality

5/6/2002 c1 93Sidhe
Erica, I love it. I absolutely love it. You know what? i want you to take a look at The Fall and Realm of Reality. I want to see if you can understand and relate. I love this one, definitely one of my favorites so far. -Sidhe
4/26/2002 c1 9Rosey Wolloe
Thats simply beautiful. It really is. Good job *applauds wildly, sprains wrist* MOMMY!
1/27/2002 c1 22Mara Williams
i love it...and it is so true
12/22/2001 c1 268Grey Mitten
yeah, sometimes i feel like no one is trying to be original anymore. like everyone is just copying eachother's stuff, and changing it a little bit. the feeling is really depressing, isn't it? what i try to do when i feel like that is watch a good movie, or read a good book or something.

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