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6/25/2013 c1 Boom
Corsets aren't all bad. Usually it's the wearer is wearing a badly made corset, in which case the wearer should change the corset, or the wearer tightened too much too fast, in which case the wearer should get a slap around the face for stupidity. A well-made corset can support the back, improve posture and will be no more harmful than a bra. Sometimes corsets are actually better than bras, like for example I know well-endowed women who wear corsets instead of bras as the corsets will actually support them better and are more comfortable, and I plan on getting a corset to help with my back.
7/28/2012 c1 1Valentean
I thought this was quite funny. But I do love fashion so some of the things you mentioned kind of annoyed me. Let's just get something straight here: thongs are used so that if you are wearing some thing tight, you won't get panty lines. Some people even find it more comfortable to wear them instead of regular underwear.

4/25/2012 c1 41marceline the vampire queen
I have to take issues with something you mentioned in your essay. I'm not trying to insult/flame you, just correct your facts. Firstly, corsets do not deform ribs or internal organs. Over the years, corsets have been credited with causing a whole litany of health problems. It's been said that they misshape organs and cause cancer. Other illnesses attributed to corsets were fake, sexist conditions, like "hysteria." There's also no record of a woman having a rib surgically removed so she could better fit into a corset, which is a particularly absurd myth, given how deadly surgery was in the 1800s. I have worn corsets for years and suffered no ill effects whatsoever, apart from the occasional bout of indigestion (and only after wearing one for too long). The corsets now in fashion have been designed so they cause minimal waist reduction and are only for the purposes of style.

I'm sorry if this review offended you in any way. If it's important, I agree with you on the eighties stuff (although I'm quite partial to big hair) and the minis. I've never had much of a problem walking in stilettos, but maybe other people do?

Anyway, good essay and sorry for the rant. :)
10/4/2010 c1 1tearsxsolitude
LOL dude this is hillarious!
10/15/2008 c1 bleachaddic
Finally, someone who understands just how terrible fashion can be! Well written, and funny all the way through. Good job, can't wait to see more.
5/12/2007 c1 9anything-but-perfect
hahaha! You were right! The first line made me laugh, along with a lot of other things. Very well written and it was hella funny. ^_^
4/4/2005 c1 lin4823
I agree for everything! (especially the thongs! I personally think they're ugly and disgusting XP) My mom doesn't let me wear stilettos and I can see why...one wrong step and you'll break your ankle! I wouldn't go through that for fashion!
3/24/2004 c1 8Sable Riddle
This is really hilarious. Yeah, I agree with you, but some people actually still embrace those eighties' trends. What I find really strange is that maybe twenty years from now, I'll look back at the flared pants that I always wear right now and think, "That was so stupid." Good job. ~ES
2/21/2004 c1 3Maeghan Jade
I absolutely agree with everything you've said here. Now, as for whether we'll someday look back at today's trends and cringe...many of the fashion trends today (the platform shoes, the flare-leg jeans) are recycled from previous time periods, so if we look back on today's trends with disgust, it will largely be to wonder why the heck we allowed something so ridiculous to become fashionable again.
2/2/2004 c1 carmice3
Well written and thoughtful.
So why do you females permit such indignities? It doesn't make much sense to me. I will never understand the way your minds work. *sigh*
8/10/2003 c1 3Omelettes
Hehehe... Great one! I loved it. x) I once tried one of those awful 80's getups, but for the rest of the decade after that walked around looking like one of the guys. Thanks for writing... You gave me a laugh!
6/10/2003 c1 Roses and Wine
Excelently written. I, too, am one of those people who look at past fashions and wonder at why they were so famous. I loved this article and I do hope you can review my works, too :)
4/2/2003 c1 1Aurora15
That was great! Very humorous, and so true. You're right, the first line made me laugh, as well as the rest of it.

"Back then it was cool to appear to have greased your hair, then stuck your fingers in a light socket."

I think that may have been my favorite line. Anyway, great job! I'm very glad I found this!
2/22/2003 c1 12saicho-18
good. . . . funny because it's true.

saicho_18 : slytherin ^-^
2/20/2003 c1 Lizzie
Lol, totally agree with you!
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