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for Loss

1/8/2003 c1 Steffi
Oh those feelings sound familiar! Very sad and touching. Great work!
12/31/2002 c1 Pam9
This would probably have been an accurate recording of feelings last night as mom was facing her difficulties. ouch. My heart breaks for what you feel when you write like this, hija de mi corazon. :( Love you. glomps.
11/13/2002 c1 TLWROX
Oh- this was terribly depressing but very well written and got the point across perfectly... Know the feeling. Wonderful poem. :) :) :)
5/15/2002 c1 84saaio
wow...that's deep. i wrote one that pertains to this subject. lol. it's about hope and pain and stuff like that. we persons trapped in eternal pain must stick together. lol j/k. keep writin' ;D
2/3/2001 c1 159Heather Goldbug
O.o what did you LOSE? It must have been really bad! It's a good poem though.
9/3/2000 c1 12Kate Davis
In my opinion this work was okay, but is doesn’t have any brilliant or stand out features. It’s good, but I don’t think it’s your best. Thank you for reviewing my ST:V fics, perhaps you could read some of my poetry if you have a few moments? Keep writing! :0)

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