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for Purity

10/27/2002 c11 Kacie Halk
I love it! I was kinda hoping there would be a bit more conflict, but it was still great!
10/7/2002 c11 3Night Hawk 2005
You must finish this because I wanna know what happens!

Thanx! Night Hawk
8/1/2002 c1 Erin
I love it Kat but u need to write more.Your driving me crazy!I need my questions answered.Lylas.Buh bye
4/20/2002 c10 Dragonclaws
This is one of the best storys that I have ever read! But you might want to get a proof-reader.
3/5/2002 c1 LadyNyght
Hey I love this! When the next chapter coming I can't wait! :-D Keep it up
12/18/2001 c1 38Lady Tenjin
Hmmm, sounds kind of like a book I read, only I forgot what it was called. It's at my school library though. Pretty good though if you made it up yoourself. I'm not saying you plagerized, its just tha tthe vampire's qaulaties sound exactly like the ones in this book I read...

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