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5/13/2002 c3 Ferris-chan
I know I am totally BSing this post, so I'm gonna e-mail you. I feel like shit for forgetting so many things, so this is it. I'm gonna fanart you! And if you don't want this art, I'll do ya some anime fanart or something. Anything you want! I'm begging for commission!

I bow at your feet in shame! *offers a cookie for all your trouble*
2/28/2002 c3 Neko Ferris-chan
Hey! Uh, I'm sorry, but I totally forgot about this. I mean that in a good way, as in "I had a lot to do and I needed a break" not as in "It really sucks so I just forgot". Anyhoo,

I read the third chapter and I'd still love to do fanart, if that's still all right. Just e-mail me with your answer, so I'll at least feel better about it. Thanks! ;)
1/8/2002 c1 4sweet-candy
this is a very touching poem. You are really gifted
1/1/2002 c1 93Sidhe
i really wish you had finished it, because i love this kind of thing. it's a whole world of it's own, and you've been able to capture that. thankyou for reviewing my poems! -Sidhe
12/31/2001 c3 nawafiai
I liked how u wrote it as if it was a poem/song like thing (^^)

good job! (^o^)d
12/27/2001 c3 harriet
i like it... it is very interesting... you need to write more...
12/26/2001 c3 3wicked pixi
the stuff about doing anything for his love was hamard's bro. and i would love it if you did some fan art! but i dont have a webpage...yet.
12/25/2001 c2 the laughing ghost
ooooohhhh, i like the ending of this chapter! I really love the way you've written this in poetry format tellling (singing) a story. My only criticism is that there is not another chapter for me to read.
12/25/2001 c1 the laughing ghost
first, merry x-mas, or Chunakah(did I spell that right?) i love the feel of this first chapter. when i read it it feels like a song, and i love the fantasy element of quests and dragons. I also like the prince and his dead stable boy lover...how sad.
12/23/2001 c2 1Neko Ferris-chan
That was sad...cause. you know...the one dude died, and then the other dude...like, wanted

him back, and then his brother got married, and the dude was all screwed over, and

he went to see the queen, and I think he wants to ask her for the first dude back (is that right?)

and it was just sad and made me wanna cry!

Seriuosly, that was nice. Will you accept fanart? Do you have a website or something that I could send it to?

I would love to do some art for this. I mainly deal in anime-style if that's all right.

Luv Neko Ferris-chan
12/20/2001 c1 FuRr
I like it but it seems to be more suted for the short/origanal story section. It reminds me of a movie, the name escapes me. You should name it (maybe after the place it takes place)

Good luck,

12/20/2001 c1 89167
This is neat. I usually don't enjoy slash, but this isn't as blantant as it is in many other fics and it's tastefully done. I want to read the rest!

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