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2/21/2007 c1 7elemental-hero
that was... fliping crazy cool i crave more of this grosome backward highschool
8/11/2006 c1 8Cailin O'Keefe
Awesome way of twisting roles. I must say it's intertaining. Gruesome how those students mutilated that girl's brother.

I like it so far, write more, I demand it. ^_^
7/18/2006 c1 7Happy Pappy
This is an amazing story. I really think you should continue this because it's something original, well-written, and extremly interesting. I would really like to read the rest of this story.

Please, continue.
6/2/2003 c1 37wingless
this is really strange. i liek this spin on things though there is a lot of overgeneralizing. well i guess thats the point, working with stereotypes. i like the name of the high school. if yuou think about it nbody is really a non conformist anymore. punks arent because punk music is so mainstream and everybody says they're punk now. besides if you try so hard to be different you are conforming anyways by paying attention to popular culture. sorry for the rant i probably have no idea what i'm talking about.

anyways i like this. but how mnay punks are in marhcing bands? only one in my school is. ah well.
3/27/2003 c1 12Silverlight Elf
Good story
3/15/2003 c1 jello
I read this story when you first posted it and I looked for it again because I feel the need to share the frightening information that my high school is almost like that. scary shit.
3/20/2002 c1 ariellaxoxozsd
wow, this is cool. can't wait till you post the next chapter. btw, what do u play?
1/31/2002 c1 Benji's whore
thats like...um..odd? of course it sounds like somthing the guys in drumline at my school would try to pull...no wait i take it back they wouldnt go that far, but um ur a good writer but u didnt mention they woodwinds :( (yeah im a band dork and i play flute, but its all good) P.S woodwinds kick brASS(long story, dont ask but it involves 2 schools a parade and the super bowl...)
1/26/2002 c1 15Evil Barbie
very interesting
1/25/2002 c1 22Mara Williams
i really enjoy your work. it's funny. u remind me a lot of my punk, safety-pin toting buds. keep it up
1/23/2002 c1 Kyoko2
Wow. Really original Lefty, I like. Or, as Harley would say, Shibby story.
1/14/2002 c1 1adragindflat
[clap clap clap]

This story really got me thinking. One of my punk-loving friends is constantly talking about how she hates snobs and popular people, 'because they suck'. It's pretty much a baseless viewpoint, since she's never been made fun of or tortured by any 'popular' people.

I'm sending the addy for this to as many people as possible, since many of my friends wish that punks ruled the world. I'm not saying that punk/skater/goth kids are bad - not at all, actually. I agree that eventually these kids, as the majority, would start feeling superior over the clean-cut, preppy kids, and ultimately backlash, simply cos they're different.

But yes, Varsity Drumline would be ill. I HEART LEFTY! -KSD
1/7/2002 c1 2nerdo
this is a rad story with an interesting plotline. rock.
12/31/2001 c1 1leftcoastpunk
Oh, no worries, I MYSELF AM A DRUMMER so I'm allowed to write them like that. Hee hee hee. I know there are punks who are true to themselves, and I commend them for it. But there's a bunch of peckerheads running around, treating the freshman "posers" [you know, those innocent faces wearing NFG shirts] like the scum on their $150 Doc Martens. It's sickening. That plus the teenybopper fanfics where a "Punk Fucking Rawk" girl falls madly in love with the punker of her choice brought me to write a story where the punks WEREN'T the good guys. I dunno, long story involved. later days.
12/29/2001 c1 1Cha
This one is making me think. See, at my wonderfll hell-hole of a high school, the marching band is considered to be the biggest group of freaks around (note: I am proud to say that I am a member of that organization). Despite the fact that we get no respect whatsoever, we still have a certain sense of pride about being the largest group at the school. The way you wrote the marching band kids ripping on the jocks kind of made me feel a little better, because it sort of went along with the "treat others the way you would like to be treated," rule thingy.

In addition to my compliments on the portrayl of the marching band, I would also like to say that the drummers at my school, are almost all punks, with the exception of two girls and two boys. Besides, you wrote them exactly the way that they act; like, well, drummers (there is no way to describe boys who go bush-jumping and hump each other as anything else). Though I have to admit, Varsity Drumline would be awesome.

Now, onto to this (I'm using my school as an example again, sorry).

I remember back when I was a freshman who the punks were. And I remember being absolutley terrified of them. Now, I'm a junior, and I can still tell who the true punks are, and who is just pretending. They'll say, "Oh, I'm a non-conformist! I'm an individual!" Well, do you know what? Sure, you're being an individual! But you're being an individual just like that guy over there!

Sure, there are always the true non-conformists and the true individuals. There's some that I can think of right off the top of my head. But what saddens me is that the punk movement doesn't seem to be a movement anymore. It seems to be a fashion trend.

I realize that this isn't as much of a review as it is an essay, but I felt the need to comment on your excellent story.

I'm not a punk. I'm not pretending to be one. I don't like classifying myself as one such thing or another. I'm just here. I don't think that high school social lives should rely as heavily on classifications as they do. I don't think you should bash someone just because they dress differently and like different things.

Finally, I have two more things to say. First, I'm not bashing punks. I'm not bashing anyone. Please don't make that assumption. Second: Your story is excellant. It shows how different things could be, how bad things could be, how good things could be.

I'm leaving now. I have exhausted my verbal comprehension for the day. Please excuse any grammatical or spelling errors. Thank you.
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