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for I want my dad

10/1/2003 c1 217MistrissD
aww thats so sweet, the ending is so perfect
1/9/2003 c1 A Thousand Folded Cranes
That was so beautiful...I loved it! Even thoguh it made me cry, it's one of the best poems written around ff.net, i think
8/20/2002 c1 Smiley- Bear
Wipes tears this is soo sad. Your poem really has a meaning. Write more poetry. You are a good writer!
5/6/2002 c1 Soccer Chicka
Sad...but really good.

I was thinking of writing a songfic bout war in general...maybe i will...BUt this is a really good poem!
5/3/2002 c1 he
who is this!hg,m
5/3/2002 c1 he
who is this!hg,m
4/30/2002 c1 4OmoideKeeper
This is really a good poem, and a good way to touch other people. I'm sure this has happened to many families since the Sept. 11th attack, and I just want you to know that you did a really nice job with this.
4/4/2002 c1 7YoungRL
Very nice. It's sad and touching.
3/31/2002 c1 amberflower
This was amazing. Very sad,but very,very,well written.
3/29/2002 c1 1Sato Aiko
::sniffsniff:: you should write poems more often! ::blowsonapieceoftissue:: oiy! email me sometimes or something like that...
3/15/2002 c1 1Ryo's Chick
*sniff* so sad and sweet. You are very good at writing!
3/12/2002 c1 Jirarudan
3/11/2002 c1 4Taichi Princess
Jirarudan! DON'T EVEN! Please, I worked on this poem, and if I see it anywhere else, I will SUE! DON'T DO IT! I don't want anyone else winning prizes for something they didn't do, ESPECIALLY if it was my work!
3/9/2002 c1 Jirarudan

I like that story so much that I'll copy it word for word and use it in a contest under my name.

Please don't freak out.
3/5/2002 c1 me once again
i am soorry but i have to saw somtin nice this touched my heart i love this sorry
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