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1/15/2002 c1 liz
Dork? No way. You say a lot of what I wish I could say but don't have the courage.
1/7/2002 c1 you know who i am
WOW! You are amazing, you know that? That is a great poem, if 'poem' is an appropriate word. More like masterpiece!
12/25/2001 c1 63erisedilla
YOU GO GRRRRL! That's an awesome poem... I like how the message of diversity is expressed in the format (i.e. the format doesn't follow "the norm")... awesome! 9.5/10 yay! thanx for reviewing me too! keep it up
12/25/2001 c1 12MonkeyCrunk
Great poem and thanks for the review I don't get many!
12/25/2001 c1 1Ellectra
wow! aussom work! :)
12/24/2001 c1 Atroxx
I wish I could say the same thing about myself. Only if all teens thought like you do. If they did then half of my poems wouldn't exsist becuase being a teen is not easy.
12/24/2001 c1 Tooloose Lautrec
Kindred Spirit! My thoughts exactly, though I'm more into Stephen King than Dean Koontz (But I'm done with all the Kings and moving on :) )I share your views to the word.

Don't you find it strange how when you're reading a big book people ask you why? "Is that for an assignment?" "No, I'm reading this for fun." "*FUN?*" I only disagree with the handwriting thing, but even then, I don't look down on those that can write legibly without a keyboard. :)

Okay, my review is already getting a bit too long, so to sum it up: Love your poem. Lots. We're not alone...

~Blue Raja

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